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Jesus The Passover Lamb

Passover not only highlights God’s faithfulness, but it also points to His Son, who was the final sin offering. For this reason, God commanded the Israelites to keep the Passover from generation to generation. This time of year reminds us of the Lord’s faithfulness to His words.

Passover is noteworthy because it symbolizes the crucifixion of the Savior, the ultimate Passover Lamb who freed us from sin. Paul writes to the disciples, “The Christ, our Passover, has also been sacrificed.” He accomplished the sacrificial system’s requirements by laying down his life. All of the Pesach lambs pointed to Christ as the supremely pure Lamb. Our sins were put on Jesus in the same way that a Jewish person’s sins were placed on a faultless lamb as a sacrifice by the high priest – both instances involving the faultless dying for the sinful. Those who apply the blood of Jesus Christ to their temple’s “doorposts” and “lintels” will be safeguarded from eternal death, just as those who applied the Passover lamb’s blood to their dwellings were rescued from death in the Book of Exodus. As a manner, Passover serves as a reminder of God’s faithfulness in delivering His chosen people from Egyptian slavery. As well as in delivering us all from sinfulness through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

This time of year is significant for us all because it commemorates the Passion of Christ. It is where we start learning about the way, the truth, and the life. We have the very same accessibility to the Father through His Spirit that Jesus did, after He rose on the third day. If only we could accept all of the Messiah’s teachings to find a home in our hearts. Every word of God gives life and without knowing them, we will inevitably fall short. Did you prepare for the Passover?

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