Have You Heard The Call?

As a Christian, have you heard the sayings of Jesus Christ? Have you understood His mysteries? Have you woke up from the Dead? Did you receive His light? Did you yourself, become a light unto this fallen world? Have you forsaken all else and taken up your cross and followed the Lord? Are you helping your brothers or sisters to carry their cross? Are you clothing the naked? Are you freeing the captives? Are you restoring sight to the blind? Are you feeding others with the Bread of Life, the Word of God?

In a previous post we discussed the location of where our Lord was Crucified, Golgotha. Also know as Calvary. The definition of both words mean, “the place of a skull.” Jesus tells us, “The kingdom of God is within you.” The correct translation of Golgotha is, “The place of YOUR skull.” Please see the previous post here. In the post there is a video which adds interwoven scripture of the New Testament, the teachings of Paul, and the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Also check out Crucified At Golgotha, a free eBook which goes until further detail. Let’s now take this understanding from the Gospel and build upon it. Could there be additional Scriptures that bear witness to this subject? Are there principals within the Bible throughout the Old Testament that bear witness to the way, the truth, and the life? Meaning, how we ourselves should be living, how we learn the truth, and how we understand how to live? The following video adds to the previous post and the eBook. Take the time to consider it all, and pray over it.

If you have heard or understood even a small portion of what you read or saw here today, or if you have even further questions or doubts, check out the in depth Bible Study which expands on many Gospel Principals. It will help lay the proper foundation and build upon each layer, brick by brick. Finally, take that understanding and look at all of the posts. Each post will build upon one of the principals of the Gospel, as we each strive for mastery of our own vessels. May the Blessed Hope of our eternal salvation be built upon the one True Foundation, even Jesus Christ. “The Stone that the builders rejected has become the Head of the corner.” Who are the builders?

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