Fear Of The Lord – The Beginning Of Wisdom

Would it be a good thing to know what it is that we all did that would warrant an eternity of punishment? Do you think that we are all going to be punished, due to one man and one woman, roughly 6000 years ago? What if nothing in this world is what it seems? What if Jesus is right, and we are all sleeping? What if He was right when He said our father was the devil? What is it that we all need to repent from? What if the Bible was correct when Jesus said that His mission was to free the captives? Who exactly did He free? Why does the Bible say there is a god of this world who has blinded our eyes?

What if the Bible was true, and we are all strangers and pilgrims on the earth? If that is correct, it would mean that we are not from here. Why does the Bible say, “Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which. leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.” Why are there over 2 billion people who claim to know the truth? How many of us read the Bible or take someone else’s words for it? How many of us rely on man to teach us the Word? If we are all created in the image of the Lord God, why does the Bible say that Jesus is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of every creature? If we are perfect creatures created in His image, than why do we all need to be redeemed? Why did Jesus say once again that we are of our father the devil? What was the tree in the midst of the garden? Why is the whole world spiritually called Sodom and Egypt?

What if this world was the Matrix? What if the word matrix is in the Bible? What if the Bible bared witness to every question in life that we could ever have? Why does the Bible talk about the natural man and the carnal mind? How do you gain spiritual understanding? Why is the Book of Jude in the first person and not in the past? Why does 2 Peter 2 also talk about angels and brute beasts? Why are we told to wake up from the dead? What if we are truly dead? Why do we need to be born again? Who did Jesus say that our father was? The devil. Now, begin your journey into all of these questions and many more with Our Free Bible Study. It takes the simplicity of the Gospel and adds videos and the original Hebrew and Greek. After you are done, check out all of the lessons or the free eBooks.

Bible Study With The Word

We begin with who we all are. And build our way up from there.

I pray that the eyes of your understanding may be enlightened.

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