Three Free eBooks – The Bible Unveiled

In My walk with the Jesus Christ, I have not found only the Truth, but I have also found the Way, and the Life. Come with me, as we explore the principles of the Gospel, and discover the answers to many of the questions that we seek. The eBook’s are 100% Free for viewing and download on this website. They are also available on Smashwords for free in epub, mobi (kindle), pdf, lrf, pdb, and txt formats. No Spam, No Clickbait, No Ads, and No Phooey.

The Bible Unveiled – Who Are We? Where Do We Come From?

Understand one of life’s biggest questions and how profound it truly is. Jesus taught us the Truth to this world, and the answers to everything are located within His Words.

Are You Following The Commandments of Jesus Christ?

Here, we will begin to understand what Jesus meant when He said, I am the Way. This is one of the mysteries that surrounds full repentance, and after you have fully grasped who we truly are.

About My Father’s Business

As we draw near to the Lord, He has drawn near to us. After we have understood certain Gospel Principles, we are given a very specific task: “Feed my sheep,” and “Preach the Gospel to every creature.” Have you answered that call?

My personal testimony testifies to truthfulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. May we all discover together, those things in which we seek. May you always be blessed in your understanding, and in the simplicity of the Good News. Are we overcomplicating things? I know that I was. I would read the Bible and begin trying to use my own beliefs and understanding to try to figure out and interpret what the Word was saying. I realized that I was looking at it in the wrong way. The Bible is the Truth. It is literal as well as Supernatural. If we only become as a child and let the Spirit teach us, instead of saying, “Well, I think it says this, or I believe it says that,” we will most likely find that pearl of great price.

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